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Gimpo Migrant Integrated Support Center

A Welcoming and Warm World Together with Immigrants

What is the goal of the center?

Gimpo-si(county) Immigrant Support Center aims to create a warm and cooperative local community together with immigrant workers and help them become independent, having a good memory to share from their time in Korea when they return to their homeland.

What does the center do?

We provide comprehensive services to immigrants (immigrant workers).

  • Counseling
    • Labor
    • Immigration
    • Nationality
    • Human rights
    • Women's labor
    • Immigrant worker policy
    • Living
  • Welfare
  • Education
  • After-school program on Saturdays for children from immigrant families
  • Immigrant Workers' Shelter
  • Cultural Exchange

Who would be able to receive these services?

All immigrants (including immigrant workers) who are in need of the services

When can I get the services?

Six days a week (closed on Mondays) : 10AM - 6PM
The schedule is flexible depending on the area and facilities (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)

What benefits can I get?

Major programs / type of service
  • Korean class for immigrants
    (immigrant workers)
  • IT class for immigrants
    (immigrant workers)
  • Class to help launch
    a photo studio business
  • After-school program on Saturdays
    for children from immigrant families
  • Business support through
    translation and interpretation
  • Operation
    of shelter
  • Medical and
    beauty salon services
  • Counseling on occupational accidents,
    human rights and other issues
  • Driver's
    license class
  • Class to help launch a skin and
    foot massage business
  • Learning guidance group for children
    from immigrant families
  • Volunteer activities by immigrants
    (immigrant workers) for the local society