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Gimpo Ginseng boasting the best medical effect

Gimpo ginseng is famous for its unparalleled medical effects. The ginseng produced in Gimpo is mostly six years old and is consumed in a variety of ways such as fresh ginseng or ginseng-based processed goods. The ginseng is clean and high-quality, grown on Baeknyeongdo Island of Ongjin-gun and on the north of Mintongseon in Paju that is non-accessible to civilians. It eclipses the ginseng grown in other areas in quality and aroma, with internationally renowned medical effects.

Status on cultivation

  • Gimpo
    • Number of farming households: About 55
    • Cultivating area: 32 ha

Main cultivating location

  • Yangchon-eup, Daegot-myeon, Wolgot-myeon, Haseong-myeon, Tongjin-eup

Available at

  • Gimpo Paju Ginseng NACF main branch
    1. 1. On National Road No. 48, about 25 km from Gochon NACF store to Tongjin High School
    2. 2. About 1.5 km from Tongjin High School to Downtown Tongjin
    3. 3. 717-4, Seoam-ri, Tongjin-eup, Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do7-4
    4. 4. Phone) 031-987-0171∼3, Fax) 031-987-0174
  • Gyeonggi West Distribution Center
    1. 1. About 20 km from the airport to Nusan-ri
    2. 2. About 8 km from Nusan-ri to the distribution center
    3. 3. 390-1, Daemyeong-ri, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do
    4. 4. Phone) 031-966-0021~2, Fax) 031-996-0031

Available at