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Gimpo ginseng began its first cultivation in Seongdong-ri, Wolgot-myeon in 1920s. In 1970s, it spread widely to other regions in Gimpo, including Daegot-myeon, Yangchon-myeon, and Haseong-myeon. Its cultivation area reaches 972 ha and is famous as Gimpo’s specialty food.

Gimpo ginseng has incredibly high quality and are rich in saponin compared to those grown in other regions. It was grown in the red ginseng lands and sold at the highest export price as Goryeo red ginseng. However, as there are limitations in batch cultivation due to the nature of ginseng, the lands slowly shrunk in size from 1980s onwards.

During the 2000s, measures to overcome batch cultivation were introduced and technologies were developed to enable the cultivation of ginseng in paddy field. As a result, the excellence of Gimpo ginseng began to stand out once again. The land size continues to gradually grow at 45 ha (60% of ginseng is grown in paddy field.) Moreover, improvements were made to create new, superior ginseng seedlings, namely, chunpoong, yeonpoong, and geumpoong.

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Gimpo ginsengs are richer in saponin compared to other regional ginsengs. The farmers prioritize consumers’ health to only provide high-quality ginsengs. Please visit the website below to place an order.