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Gimpo Pear

Gimpo pears grow up in an oceanic climate with distinct daily temperature differences and red argillaceous soil. The farmers harvest pears containing their original flavor and nutrients, putting consumers’ health first. Gimpo’s highly commercial pears come from the city’s state-of-the-art technologies, grafted into its production system. The fruit’s excellent quality was even acknowledged at the Gyeonggi-do Pear Show, which resulted in its first export overseas in 2005 (189 tons of pears exported to Taiwan.) Gimpo secured a total of 600 tons for export this year, proving that the city has pioneered new markets abroad in a stable manner. Also, the excellence of Gimpo pears is highly recognized both at home and abroad.

Moreover, 24 Gimpo pear farms (24 ha) acquired authorization from GLOBALG.A.P. in January 2015. GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) is an agricultural product safety standard that emerged in line with the growing demand in safety and eco-friendliness. Currently, 108 nations and organizations participate in the practice.

Gimpo pear / Pear for export

Purchase inquiries

Gimpo pears boast of unique taste and nutrients, and are carefully cultivated by the farmers who prioritize consumers’ health. Please call the number below to place an order.

  • Agricultural Technology Center : 031-980-5093

Gimpo Golden Pear Character, “Geumi"

Gimpo Golden Pear Character Geum