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The Fruit of 300 Pear Farms’ Diligent Effort

TGimpo Geumbae (Gimpo Golden Pear) is well-known for its great taste and texture on top of many nutrient benefits, a product of the earnest endeavors of pear farmers, sea breeze and fertile land of Gimpo. Gimpo Golden Pear’s sweet taste and the high quality have been attracting buyers from overseas such as Taiwan.

The Fruit of 300 Pear Farms’ Diligent Effor

There are around 300 pear farms in Gimpo on a 200-ha (494 acres) land, producing 3,500 tons of Geumbae (Golden Pear). Since 2006, the city of Gimpo has been running a cooperative fruit sorting center to make the quality of Gimpo’s Golden Pear standardized and uniform

Packaging unit

  • 7.5kg, 15kg

Gimpo Golden Pear Character, “Geumi"

Gimpo Golden Pear Character Geum