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Gimpo Grape

Thanks to the fertile Gimpo Plain and the marine climate of Hangang River and West Sea, Gimpo grapes have come to possess excellent color, aroma and taste. Grapes are rich in vitamins and good for fatigue recovery, diet, and skincare, not to mention that children love them very much. To enjoy its native sweetness and juicy flavor, the bunch of grapes must be thoroughly packaged and refrigerated, and simply wash it before going straight to your mouth. With the shipping service in regions outside the metropolitan area recently opened, every citizen can now try the sweet Gimpo grapes.

Purchase inquiries

Gimpo grapes are naturally sweet, juicy, and fragrant. The farmers prioritize consumers’ health to only provide high-quality grapes. Please call the number below to place an order.

  • Agricultural Technology Center : 031-980-5093

Gimpo Grape Character, “Dalkomi”

Gimpo Grape Character Dalkomi image