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5000-year-old tradition, Gimpo Gold Rice

Gimpo Gold Rice is produced in rich and fruitful lands of extensive plains centered around Hangang River. Its origin is Geompo-hyeon, which was Gimpo’s old regional name. For over 5,000 years, the rice boasts of its shiny, clean, and clear features, and it is so fine and transparent that it was served at the royal table. As stated in Dongguk Yeojiseungnam (a geographical book from the Joseon Dynasty) saying, “with its fertile plains and Hangang River mouth on the north, this place is definitely a good place for the people to live,” it proves that Gimpo has provided fruitful soil perfect for agriculture since the old times.

Advantages of Gimpo rice

  • Under a peninsula climate with Hangang River and Yellow Sea nearby, temperature differences between day and night during the fall season are large and the period and temperature at which rice matures are suitable for bearing good fruition of the rice.
    • Suitable temperature during a rice-maturing period: 21 - 23℃ → average temperature in Gimpo: 22℃
    • Suitable daily temperature difference during a rice-maturing period: 6 - 10℃ → average daily temperature difference in Gimpo: 10.1℃
  • Only abundant and clean water is used as agricultural water.
  • Mixed river alluvial soil makes the soil fertile.
    ※ Mixed river alluvial soil: A type of transported soil formed when a river is flooded onto a coast and carries the soil from the upstream to deposit it. The alluvial soil carried by a river is called river alluvial soil, and it is consisted of pebbles, sand, mud, clay, etc. and forms alluvial plains, most of which are used as agricultural land.

Gimpo Gold Rice certified with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

  • What is a Protected Geographical Indication?
    • It is a system that indicates food specialties if the agricultural or processed food comes from a specific region and expresses its unique geographical features, including reputation, quality, and more
  • Date registered: July 11, 2011
  • Registration No. 79
  • Registered by: Gimpo Gold Rice Saranghoe
  • Registered name: Gimpo Rice
  • Expected effects
    • Improved brand awareness thanks to a national certification acquired to prove the status of Gimpo rice
    • Securing reliability of consumers for the quality and safety of Gimpo rice

This is how the tasty and glutinous Gimpo Gold Rice is produced

  • Only the delicious kinds, including Chucheong Rice and Koshihikari Rice, are manufactured.
  • A suitable amount of fertilizers are used and it is cultivated in clean water and fertile soil.


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Name Contact Address
Cheonhyeon Rice Mill 031-983-5960 Unyang-dong
Lazy Farmer Farming Corp, 031-996-4477 Songma-ri, Daegot-myeon
Jaeil Farming 031-988-3300 Seoktan-ri, Haseong-myeon
Gimpo Gold Rice Farming Association Corp. 031-988-9914 Tongjin-eup, Dosa-ri
Singimpo NH RPC 031-986-7869 Yanggok-ri, Yangchon-eup