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GimpoPyeonghwa-Nuri Trail (Courses 1 - 3)

GimpoPyeonghwa-Nuri Trail is a trekking course built to long for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula. The trail is comprised of three courses in total and stretches 39 km from Daemyeonghang Port and Munsusan Mountain to Aegibong Peak and Jeollyu-ri Port. Each course shows the magnificent scenery and historical culture of Gimpo.

Pyeonghwa-Nuri Trail Course 1

Yeomhagang River Barded-wire Fence Trail
(From Daemyeonghang Port to Munsusanseong Fortress, 14 km, 4 hrs)

Yeomhagang River Barded-wire Fence Trail is the starting point of the Pyeonghwa-Nuri Trail, with beautiful scenery, great tourist spots, and remnants of history along the barbed path.

  1. Daemyeonghang Port
    1.4 km (30 mins)
  2. Deokpojin Fort
    7.2 km (120 mins)
  3. Wonmeoru Quay
    1.6 km (30 mins)
  4. Gimpo Seaside C.C
    3.8 km (60 mins)
  5. Munsusanseong

Pyeonghwa-Nuri Trail Course 2

Jogang River Barbed-wire Fence Trail
(From South Gate of Munsusanseong Fortress to the entrance to Aegibong Peak, 8 km, 3 hrs 20 mins)

As Course 2 is very close to the country, you can see North Korea with your own eyes on the path over the Munsusanseong Fortress before enjoying the beautiful scenery of reservoirs and plains.

  1. South Gate of Munsusanseong Fortress
    1.8 km (60 mins
  2. Hongyemun Gate
    2.0 km (60 mins)
  3. Ssangyong-daero
    1.7 km (30 mins)
  4. Jogang Reservoir
    2.5 km (50 mins)
  5. Entrance to Aegibong Peak

Pyeonghwa-Nuri Trail Course 3

Hangang River Barbed-wire Fence Trail
(From the entrance to Aegibong Peak to Jeollyu-ri Port, 17 km, 4 hrs 30 mins)

The trail through small villages has peaceful scenery of the wide, spreading plain. The plains near Hupyeong-ri at the mouth of the Hangang River is also a great place to observe many kinds of migratory birds.

  1. Entrance to
    Aegibong Peak
    4.0 km (60 mins)
  2. Maegeunpo-ri
    Village Hall
    6.0 km (90 mins)
  3. Sanctuary of White-naped Cranes at Hangang River Estuary
    2.0 km (40 mins)
  4. Coal Effluent Drainage Pump Station
    5.0 km (80 mins)
  5. Jeollyu-ri Port
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