Gimpo City Hall


  • Gimpo City Hall
  • Vision

Administrative Philosophy

Sovereign Power
to the Citizens

  • An administration in which the citizens are treated as the owners
  • An administration that communicates with its citizens
  • An administration that governs alongside the citizens


  • he value of people form the basis of the administration
  • Justice and fairness make up the spirit of the administration
  • The ultimate goal of the administration is to ensure 'happy citizens'

What Makes Gimpo,

  • Discovery of Gimpo's unique properties in the border between South and North Korea on the mouth of Hangang River
  • Proposal and realization of Gimpo's future vision based primarily on culture and ecology
  • Enhancement of Gimpo's status in the development plans of the central government and provincial administration

Administration Goals & Administrative Policies

Administration Goals

Double the happiness of citizens and
double the values of Gimpo!

  • Mutual communication with the people
    • Realize citizen autonomy through communication and cooperation
    • Create a clean environment and a safe city
    • Develop and support people-oriented corporations
  • Coexistence among the people
    • Implement balanced development and urban-rural coexistence for each area
    • Establish a faster and safer public transportation system
    • Form a base for new future industries that can bolster social economy
  • Active participation by the people
    • Plan and execute policies that invite citizen participation
    • Train locals with potential to prepare for the future
    • Create a city that paves the way for peace by acting as the hub of peace culture
  • Fair and impartial to the people
    • Fair and transparent personnel whom the people can relate to
    • Realize personalized welfare that embraces all without discrimination
    • Create a smart environment that inspires youths to challenge themselves