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Mayor's Greeting

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  • Mayor's Greeting
mayor of gimpo-si, Ha-Young Jung


I am Ha-young Jung, the Mayor of Gimpo-si, and it is my honor to greet you all. I vow to open the road to the future. I will pave the way alongside the proud people of Gimpo-si, and we shall work together as one to lay down the foundation ourselves.

When confronted by mountains, one finds a way through. When blocked by a river, one finds a bridge to the other side.

Greetings. I am Ha-young Jung, the Mayor of Gimpo-si. First and foremost, I would like to sincerely welcome all who have graciously visited the website of our city. Under the administration of the 7th popular elections, we will closely look after the public welfare issues of the people and soothe their wounds to double the value of our great city. Furthermore, we will also bring out the unique potential of Gimpo to change the lives of the people in innovative ways. We will turn Gimpo-si into a city where people can take pride in, as well as a land where they can live honorably in. I ask for everyone active interest and participation, so that we can make this a reality. Thank you.