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The Tree Of The City : Zelkovax

*Zelkovas are deciduous trees. They are large and stable. A place near a zelkov has been a place for people's harmony for a long time. They always create friendly, magnificent and solemn atmospheres and stand for an iron will.

City Flower - Forsythia

*Forsythias dot Gimpo. Their flowers bloom before their leaves come out and make residents feel happy and rich in spring. Therefore, they encourage and motivate them for a new year, symbolizing a hope.

City Bird - Magpie

*The magpie is an omnivorous bird that stays at one place during the four seasons of a year. They look rather simple and nice, as lucky birds. They symbolize stableness and prosperity since their images are similar to those of Gimpo citizens who love nature and their hometowns.

Symbol Mark

The horizontal line symbolizes wide Gimpo Plain. The deep blue at the bottom stands for rich and clean Gimpo with rich water resources. The oval is an image of Gimpo that steadily grows and changes while maintaining its stability.