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Introduction Video

Gimpo About Vision Video

Production year : February 2016
Production department : Public Relations Officer Promotional team
play time : 4 minutes 43 seconds
Language : English
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Jogang River flows freely between North and South Korea.

Jogang River, a neutral territory under the armistice agreement, was the entrance of ships heading for Seoul through the West Sea 70 years ago.

Gimpo was the place where trade of the whole country was brisk.
Gimpo, once the center of the history of the Korean Peninsula, now takes another leap to be the center of peace and culture in the Republic of Korea.

Han River flows with the country’s history, and in the middle of it is Gimpo.

Gimpo, where rice was first produced in Korea,
From its raise as a city in 1998, based on the optimal location,
Gimpo is drawing attention as a core city of the western capital area by developing the Han River new town, opening the Han River expressway, and constructing a high-tech industrial complex.

Gimpo is a city of communication where every way is opened.
including the sky and land, the sea and river

It’s also a city of speed, only 20 minutes away from Yeouido, Seoul through the Han River expressway with six lanes.
The expressway leads to Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport, Gyeong-in Ara Waterway, therefore, you can travel the fastest to anywhere in the world.

Once Gimpo subway that links Gimpo and Seoul is opened in 2018,
you will be able to reach anywhere in Seoul and the capital area even more conveniently.
With these geographic conditions, Gimpo is the center of the South-North reconciliation and the base of distribution through overland and maritime transportation.
Therefore, it is the city with optimal conditions for inter-Koreas exchange.

Gimpo has been actively promoting a wide range of higher value-added businesses that are expected to bring advances to the city.
As a visual culture complex, Cinepolis will turn over a new leaf as an innovative area
where various cultural businesses including visual art, musical, music, video game, design is created and distributed.

In addition, Gold Valley, an industrial complex which isunder construction in the northwestern area of Gimpo,
will become the new center of manufacture and distribution and the heart of Korean economy in the era of west coast.

The true value of a city lies in composed and comfortable lives.

As an eco-friendly sustainable city, Gimpo is realizing this value.
The Han River new town, the landmark of Gimpo with distinguishing design, is the first waterway city in Korea which provides the citizens with space for more comfortable lives.

Also abundant rest areas such as the Ecological Wild Bird Park, a habitat for a natural monument white-naped craines and the Eco Center, the center of ecological education offer the residents composed lives and memories.
In addition, a variety of festivals and cultural events boost the city’s happiness index.
Gimpo is raising the local’s pride by pursuing coexistence with nature and appreciation to culture.

Gimpo, the center of the Korean Peninsula which has shared Korean history,
is taking another leap to be the best place of peace and culture in Korea with the nature, culture, and elegant life in harmony.

Gimpo raises the values of happiness, people, and life.

The future of Gimpo,
the center of peace and culture,
is Korea’s tomorrow.

“Every water in the central region of Korea comes together here to enter the sea by the name of Jogang River.” Kim Hadon, a poet

Jogang River, the free neutral zone, / the entrance of Han River waterway, / and the river of grandfather.

The place where the flows of South Han River and North Han River unite in the east
And the flows of Yeseonggang River and Imjingang River unite in the northwest to meet the western sea.

- Yeseonggang River / Imjingang River / North Han River / South Han River

Jogang riverside in 1945 / Han riverside in Gimpo in the 1940s / The rescue of the cow of peace from North Korea in 1997

- From the center of Korean history to the center of peace and culture
- Peace & Communication
- Gimpo, standing in the center of the history

The first rice field in Korea, Gimpo / The name “Gimpo” first appeared in the three kingdoms period of Korea

- It opens to Gimpo.
- Only 20 minutes to Yeouido, Seoul

The optimal place for inter-Koreas exchange / connecting Seoul and Gaeseong
Cinepolis will be completed in 2017
Cinepolis is expected to develop into a visual culture cluster / through promotion of cultural contents industry

Gold rush in the 21st century / Gold Valley

The heart of Korean economy / high-tech industrial complex

- Culture and composure
- The nature’s gesture, Gimpo

UNESCO World Heritage, Jangneung (The royal tomb of the Joseon Dynasty)

UNESCO World Heritage, Jangneung (The royal tomb of the Joseon Dynasty)

Habitat of the natural monument, white-naped cranes / Ecological Wild Bird Park
The center of ecological education / Eco Center
Home of security tour / Pyeonghwanuri-gil (The road of peace)

Heritage of peace in the peninsula / Munsusan Fort, Deokpojin Base, Aegibong Peak
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