Welfare Information

Support for Foreign Residents

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Support for Foreign Residents

Vocational training support business for foreign residents

We provide hair salons, car maintenance, computer repair, Driver's License acquisition and vocational education for foreign residents to promote economic self-reliance and voluntary returns which will improve prevention for and social integration of unregistered residents

Korean Classes for Foreign residents

Adaptation to life in Korea and early settlement support through excellent communication by providing the systematic opportunity for foreign residents to learn Korean

Korean education support for children of foreign residents

  • Overcoming Heterogeneity and resolving social alienation to children of foreign residents who need to learn Korean skills, by providing Korean learning programs to improve education skills
  • Learning and cultural adaptation training programs to supplement Children entering middle school

People’s Worldwide Day Celebration Event (Gulpo Center Park, every year around May 20th)

Market provided to celebrate people’s day worldwide and exchange multicultural experiences with foreign residents and people in the country (Commemoration Day for People Worldwide, Singing contest, multicultural performances, multicultural experiences, World food, flea market)

Visiting multicultural lectures

Resolving negative views of Koreans concerning foreigners by running visiting multicultural classes for insight change (Gimpo Foreign Resident’s Support Center)

Consultation Service for Foreign Residents

Visiting translation and consultation service for foreign employment agencies, Foreign , and foreign to provide stable living, law, counseling, and more

Gimpo Foreign Resident’s Support Center Management

  • Education, medicare, and culture provided for the increasing number of foreign nationals and infrastructure support plus space provided for multicultural Social conversation (Founded July 2012)
  • Main Business: Korean Classes, Counseling, translation, free diagnosis, vocational training, cultural education, multicultural experience, public support, and more
  • Address: 52, Hwanggeum-ro 110beon-gil, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Homepage: : http://www.gfcc.kr (Gimpo Foreign Resident’s Support Center Link)
  • Phone Number: 82-31-986-7660
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