Welfare Information

Support for Married Immigrants

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Support for Married Immigrants

Visiting An Education Program for Married Immigrants

A consultant will visit and provide life education and guidance services for Korean families with difficulty in participating.

Korean Education for Married Immigrants

  • A Korean Education Service is offered to married immigrants in early entry with language difficulty and problems with early settlement in Korea
  • Location: Gimpo Lifelong Learning Center

Support for Children’s Education

  • A Children’s Education and Consultation Service are offered to married immigrants educating children under 12 that are having problems with language and culture differences.
  • Period of service offered: 5 months per family, 2days a week (2hrs/day)

Visiting education support training for multicultural families

Mastering Korean Lessons offered to 40 married immigrants with children (age 4-9) preparing to enter school

Oral and written translation service for married immigrants

  • Business content: Married immigrant families – supporting the communication skills needed for social life
    • Consultation about family life, cultural differences between countries, and early entrance
    • Consultation about pregnancy – labor – nurturing or life information guidance
    • Translation support for the education process
    • Oral and written translation work via phone and email
    • Translating communication between families
    • Oral and written translation during use of administration and law enforcement agencies
    • Oral and written translation during use of hospitals, health centers, police stations, schools, and other public institutions
    • Quick support for urgent matters

Newspaper subscription support for multicultural families

  • Registry location: Gimpo Multicultural Family Support Center, Gimpo foreign resident’s support center, Eup Myung Dong Office
  • Address: 13-17, Saujung-ro 3beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Saudong 262) Lifelong Learning Center 1st floor
  • Homepage: http://www.liveinkorea.kr (link for Gimpo Multicultural Family Support Center)
  • Phone Number: 82-31-996-5923
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