lifelong learning EXPO

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lifelong learning EXPO
Lifetime Education Expo

Lifetime Education Expo

A well-known education culture festival of Gimpo
“Lifetime Education Expo”
One of Gimpo’s representative education culture festival, Gimpo Lifetime Education Expo is held to promote the new awareness and importance of lifetime learning and to achieve a society of lifelong education through propagation of lifetime learning.

Offering a variety of programs for people of all ages

The expo is held as an opportunity to recognize the necessity of lifelong learning through various experiences, exhibitions, and performance programs for all regardless of age or gender, a place where lifelong learning institutes and clubs gather together to present their exhibitions and performances with the purpose of encouraging citizens to learn, and to raise interest in lifelong learning.

Participation expo in which the people have the ownership.

Hopes and dreams can achieved through education, by not only providing a variety of learning opportunities to the people, but also establishing a place in the local society for lifelong learning beyond homes and schools, so that anyone can learn anywhere, anytime through a support system for lifelong learning. Ultimately, a healthy lifetime learning society is built to encourage individual growth, improve the quality of life, and develop a city of lifelong learning.


Festival name Gimpo Lifelong Learning Expo
When Oct. 2017
Location Lifelong learning center
Participating agencies Lifelong learning agencies and study clubs
Contents Local lifelong learning program experience, exhibitions, sales, performances, lectures
Hosted/supervised by Gimpo City, Gimpo Lifelong Educators Association, Gimpo Lifelong Learning Club Association

Event Photos

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