Gimpo Ginseng Festival

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Gimpo Ginseng Festival
People tasting at the Ginseng festival

Gimpo Ginseng Festival

A main indigenous product of Gimpo, Gaeseong ginseng was first cultivated in the 1920s in the Wolgot-myeon region, and now an event is held every year to promote the origin of the premium ginseng of Gimpo, Gaeseong ginseng, which is recognized worldwide.


Festival name The 3rd Annual Gimpo Ginseng Festival
When 2016. 10. 22 ~ 23 (2 days)
Location Daemyeonghang Port (Gimpo Marine Park)
Hosted by Gimpo City
Supervised by Gimpo Ginseng Festival Promotion Committee


Gimpo ginseng promotion hall, sales booths, food items using ginseng, various events, etc


OPEN 공공누리 공공저작물 자유이용허락-제1유형(출처표시)
위 기사는 "공공누리" 제1유형:출처표시 조건에 따라 이용 할 수 있습니다.