Gimpo Youth Training Center

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Challenger Adventure Park
Challenger Adventure Park

Gimpo Youth Training Center

Cozily located at the foot of Munsusan Mountain and surrounded by magnificent natural sculpture works, Gimpo Youth Training Center features diverse, fruitful programs to cultivate great spirits of our youths, the leader of the new millennium and new history. It is equipped with outdoor facilities including four-season sledding slope, swimming pool, sculpture park, art hall and an outdoor concert stage.
Major facilities
  • Training facilities : large auditorium, group discussion rooms, club activity rooms
  • Subsidiary facilities : youth training center, outdoor pool, four-season sledding slope, playing field, sculpture park
  • Accommodations : capacity for 727 people, 41 rooms
  • Cultural facilities : outdoor stage, sculpture park, art hall, indoor gym, leisure sports park
  • Facility status
    • Facility: 1 underground floor, 3 ground floors
    • Area: about 99,174m2
    • Total constructed area: 5,762m2
    • Parking space: 200 cars simultaneous parking

Eco-friendly Youth Training Center provides experience learning through various programs including adventure pioneering activities, science information activities, self-development activities, community activities, play culture activities, crafts activities and many more through training camps.

  • Outdoor
    • Zip line: Voluntarily participate to overcome the fear of height and raise a sense of accomplishment and spirit of self-control
    • Artificial rock climbing wall: Program through which a sense of accomplishment is gained by overcoming the fear of height
    • Challenge: Program in which the fear of height is overcome by running through an obstacle course
    • Forest rope: Nature-friendly program consisted of a natural experience in a forest and utilization of knot methods
    • Orienteering: A spirit of adventure and pioneering to overcome unknown space is developed through an autonomous game
  • Select culture activity
    • Modumbuk: Using and playing buk, a Korean traditional drum, to experience the superiority of our culture and cultivate friendliness and a sense of community through performances
    • Nanta: Learning the traditional tunes to experience our traditional culture and, through musical performances, confidence, presentation, friendliness and a sense of community are formed

    • Glowstick dance: helps understand and develop self-confidence
    • Cheer dance: Through a cheer dance program, one may not only experience the excitement of training activities but also learn the attitude of understanding and consideration and a sense of accomplishment for challenges as well as develop them into one’s own leisure activities
    • Sign language: Through sign language, the medium through which people with disabilities in hearing and speaking communicate with one another, one may learn to understand them and the use of silent body expressions helps develop the youths’ emotions and sentiments.
    • Hand bell: Using hand bells to play their respective pitches and complete a beautiful song
    • Tap dance: A new contents of “tap dance” is experienced through activities and, by turning tap dance into a performance, not only expressiveness and creativity but also cooperation and teamwork within a group can be formed.
Local information
  • Nearby attractions

    Taesan Family Park, Deokpojin, Munsusan Forest Park

Transportation guide
  • By Car
    • From Seoul: Olympic-daero → Gimpo Embankment Road → Nusan Intersection → Masong → Gunha-ri → Gimpo International Sculpture Park
    • From Suwon: Seoul Beltway → Gochon → Nusan Intersection → Masong → Gunha-ri → Gimpo International Sculpture Park
    • From Incheon: Seo-gu, Incheon → Geomdan → Yanggok → Masong → Gunha-ri
  • Public transportation
    • Yeongdeungpo Station & Songjeong Station (Bus #88): Get off at Sculpture Park, Youth Training Center
    • Incheon (Bus #70): Get off at Sculpture Park
    • Ilsan (Bus #96, 97): Get off at Sculpture Park, Youth Training Center

Gimpo Youth Training Center ☏ 031-989-6700

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