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Pottery experienc

  • Address: 423, Haseong-ro, Haseong-myeon (Taesan Family Park)

    Pottery Workshop in Taesan Family Park (Yangtaek-ri, Haseong-myeon), operated by Gimpo Facilities Management Corporation, is a place where the excellence of Korean traditional ceramics culture is experienced and one’s own pottery can be created.
    In the experience hall, which is equipped with an exhibit, education rooms for regular classes, kiln for pottery, etc., classes are held for local residents and enthusiasts
    In particular, people of all ages and genders can take classes to easily learn how to make interior items, lifestyle goods and ceramic works, and are offered with opportunities to participate in pottery exhibits held every year in Gimpo Citizens Hall
    In addition, Taesan Family Park where the Pottery Workshop is located also features a water park, playground for children, grassy field, wild flower garden and a trail, which is why it is the best option for families to enjoy and rest

1-day pottery experience guide
  • Education details
    Experience course Experience details Usage fee (KRW) Details of work
    Individual Group
    Plate painting Course in which clay is rolled
    and cut in desired shapes before drawing on it
    10,000 8,000 Plate painting of various forms
    Dish building Technique of rolling clay,
    cutting it using a rectangular mold, making a dish and using chromatic pigments to decorate
    10,000 8,000 Various dishes
    Waterwheel building Experiencing a waterwheel building process on an electric waterwheel 10,000 8,000 Vases, dishes, cups, etc
    Hand stamping Expression technique of stamping a hand on a clay plate
    (family, lover or self)
    10,000 8,000 Family, lover, children
    Individual hand stamping Expression technique of stamping a hand on a clay plate 8,000 6,000 For infants
    Clay building Technique of making clay into rice cake bars and stacking them on top of each other 8,000 6,000 Pencil vases, cups, etc
    Hand painting Technique of drawing a desired painting easily by using pigments on a pre-baked dish or cup 8,000 6,000 Cups, vases, pencil cases, etc.
  • Guide for group experience time
    단체체험 시간 안내
    Category Experience time Experience schedule
    AM 10:00 ~ 12:00
    • Explaining overview of pottery 10 minutes
    • Pottery building 40 minutes
    • Spinning wheel experience 40 minutes or clay play
    PM 13:00 ~ 15:00
Regular pottery education guide
도자기 정규교육 안내
Category Time/hours        Class Details Remark
Day class 1-year course/3 days/week 4 hours   Waterwheel building, molding pottery outside class hours
Weekend class 2 days/week 4 hours        Waterwheel building, decoration techniques   free work possible
  • Waterwheel building : learning the properties of clay and formative base of ceramic arts through sense training to cultivate the fundamental characteristics and attitude as a potter
  • Molding pottery :by studying molding work through a variety of topics and experimental design process, producing creative works from harmonious fusion of various techniques
  • Decoration technique : understanding traditional decoration methods, including traditional ceramic earthenware, celadon, white porcelain and grayish-blue-powered celadon, by era and technique, and cultivating practical capabilities through pattern studies and acquisition of manufacturing technology
Transportation guide
  • By Car

    National Road No. 48 (to Gimpo/Ganghwa) → Haseong Local Road #9 → 10 minutes

  • Public transportation
    • Yeongdeungpo (#2): Get off at Haseong Intersection (10-minute walking distance)
    • Jurisdiction general bus (#202): Get off at Taesan Family Park
Local information

Nearby attractions: Dado Museum, Hanjaedang Shrine, Aegibong Peak


Taesan Family Park Management Office ☏ 031-997-6868, 997-5164

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