Taesan Family Park

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Taesan Family Park
Taesan Family Park is located at the foot of Tae Mountain in Yangtaek-ri, Haseong-myeon is a family park that provides various fun facilities such as a fountain, a water park, a ceramics workshop, and a wildlife trail. A gathering plaza and a fountain surrounded by various trees and fields centers the park. People can experience and learn about science while enjoying getting hands on windmill models, small well-buckets and more than 30 water park facilities.

Trail Which Wild Flowers Line for Families

A well-landscaped lawn along the ridge is topped by a meadow with about 90,000 wildflowers such as Chinese astilibes and dragonheads. Wild plants can be appreciated in any season and fully enjoy nature at a pond with many exotic aquatic plants.

Making unique Mugs at the Ceramics Workshop

In a corner of the park is a workshop for people who want to make unique mugs. A one-day craft lesson is offered to teach people how to make ceramic plates, bowls, and cups. People can take genuine pleasure in making various household items such as couple mugs, family bowls, children’s necklaces, and accessories.

Major Facilities

Pottery Workshop, Adventure Playground, Wildflower Field, Water Playground, Fountain, Pond, Archery Field, Restauran

Location : 585, Haseong-ro, Haseong-myeon, Gimpo-si
Traffic Information
  • By car: Route 48 (for Gimpo/ Ganghwa) → Haseong Route 9→ 10 minutes
  • Public Transport
    • Gimpo Bus (no.202): Exit at Taesan Family Park
    • Songjeong Station (no.2): → Exit at Haseong Intersection
For Inquiries: Call Gimpo Urban Corporation ☎ HP 82-31-997-6868
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