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Classification: Historic Site 202 (Joseon Period)

Address: 79, Jangneung-ro (Pungmu-dong), Gimpo
Era: Joseon
Jangneung is the tomb of King Wonjong, the father of the 16th king of Joseon, King Injo (1623 – 1649), and his wife, Queen Inheon.King Wonjong is Prince Jeongwon, fifth son of King Seonjo, and was known to be handsome, tall and prudent in his actions. He also had great love for his parents and siblings so King Seonjo loved him very much.At first, Prince Jeongwon was buried in Gokchon-ri, Yangju-gun. His first son, Prince Neungyang (King Injo) dethroned King Gwanghaegun and came to the throne through Injo Restoration, making Prince Jeongwon as Daewongun, meaning the father of the king. The status of his tomb was thus heightened and it was renamed Heunggyeongwon.

In 1627, King Injo moved Prince Jeongwon’s tomb to Seongsan Hill in Gimpo-hyeon and renamed him King Wonjong and his tomb Jangneung in 1632.Queen Inheon was designated Yeonju Bubuin after his son’s coronation and her palace was named Gyeungung Palace. The queen later died at the age of 49 in 1626 and was buried on Seongsan Hill in Gimpo. Her tomb was called Yukgyeongwon. Prince Jeongwon’s remains were taken to be buried in the same grave as her wife so Yukgyeongwon was renamed Heunggyeongwon.
The size and dimensions of the tomb are typical of the mid-Joseon dynasty. There is a memorial service hall under the tomb, which is where King Yeongjo and King Jeongjo, the 21st and 22nd kings of Joseon went every year to attend a memorial service. The area around the tomb is set up like a park.
It is easily accessible by car from Seoul so there are many people who come out for picnics on weekends and holidays.

Usage guide

  • Space for about 40 cars
  • Hours
    • Closed: Mondays, Tour Time: 40 minutes
      Tour Guide
      March – October November – February
      Ticketing Operation Ticketing Operation
      06:00∼17:30 06:00∼18:30 06:30∼16:30 06:30∼17:30
      * Admission fee
    • Reservations should be made for groups of students under 18 at least seven days before their visit.
      Ages Individual Group (10 or more people)
      Koreans 25 ~ 64 1,000 won 800 won
      Foreigners 19 or older 1000 won 800 won
      7 ~ 18 500 won 400 won

Address: 79, Jangneung-ro, Gimpo, (Pungmu dong)

Transportation guide

  • By car: Gonghang-ro (Beltway to Gimpo IC) → National Road No. 48 to Gimpo and Ganghwa → Turn left in front of Gimpo City Hall (Sau-dong) → Turn left at the main gate of Gimpo City Hall and go 200M → Turn right to Jangneung
  • Public transport
    • Yeongdeungpo Station, Songjeong Station (Bus #2, 60, 60-1, 60-3, 88): Get off at Gimpo City Hall (20-minute walking distance)
    • Yeongdeungpo Station, Songjeong Station (Bus #69): Get off at Jangneung (20-minute walking)
    • Songjeong Station (Bus #9-1, 60-2, 6641): Get off at Gimpo City Hall
    • Seoul Station, Seoul City Hall (Bus #1002): Get off at Gimpo City Hall
    • Yeouido, Seoul City Hall (8600번): Get off at Gimpo City Hall
    • Yangjae, Express Bus Terminal (Bus #9501): Get off at Gimpo City Hall
    • Ewha Woman’s University, Yonsei University, Gaehwasan Station (Bus #672): Get off at Gimpo City Hall
    • Bupyeong Station (Bus #81): Get off at Gimpo City Hall
    • Village Bus (Bus #52): Get off at Jangneung

Homepage: http://jangneung.cha.go.kr/ Homepage

Inquiry: Cultural Jangneung Heritage Management Office ☏ 82-31-984-2897