Culture Tour Guide

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Culture Tour Guide

Cultural tourism guides

Gimpo city has talented multi-language tourist guides with wide knowledge cultural who can explain the history of Gimpo-si, its culture, and its tourist attractions. Found at tourist attractions, they professionally guide local and international tourists to heritage sites and tourist attractions.

Cultural tourism guides
Place Name Tel.
Jangneung Park Yeon-geun +82-31-984-2897
Kim Seong-yi
Kim Eun-ae
Gimpo Hamsang Park Choi Jong-wol +82-31-987-4097
Cho Gyeong-ho
Jeong Yun-hui
Deokpojin Fort Kim Gi-song +82-31-989-9794
An Hui-suk
Gimpo Sculpture Park Lee Seung-nam +82-31-989-6700
Lee Eun-woo
Gimpo Independence Movement Memorial Oh Gi-yang +82-31-996-6270
Lee Yeong-suk
Taesan Family Park Lee Yeong-ok +82-31-997-6868
OPEN 공공누리 공공저작물 자유이용허락-제1유형(출처표시)
위 기사는 "공공누리" 제1유형:출처표시 조건에 따라 이용 할 수 있습니다.